The Nordic Veteran Championship in Pistol Shooting has a history that started in 2000. First competition was held in Keuruu, Finland. The event is held on a yearly basis and is divided between Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden and now Estonia.

Shooters participating in The Championship find joy in travelling, meeting with old shooting friends from way back or the year before. Even if shooting is the common interest, maybe the competition itself is of secondary importance. You compete within your own age category and the major component is maybe yourself. In the championship there are five categories, Men: M45, M55, M65, M70 and M75+; Women: W45, W55, W65, W70 and W75+;. The 75+ is added as a category to encourage as many as possible of the older shooters to participate.


The Championship covers the same event as in any other Pistol Shooting Competition apart from the Rapid Fire Pistol.
Veteran Championship also include Air Pistol, 40 shots for both men and women.
All event is performed according to the general rules.
The change in rules from 27/06/2014 will be applied in all.

All event are open for both men and women.

The championship also include a team competition in every event and if possible in every age category. Medals will be awarded to the top three places in every individual and team event.